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Thai Bolognese for the “Vapiano Selection” menu

It’s our 13th birthday this year and everyone’s celebrating with us! We asked our Vapianisti all over the world to invent a new dish for our September & October Specials menu. Only seven winners were selected. One of them was Pham-Tam with his Pasta Thai Bolognese. But what inspired this exotic sounding dish?  

Pham-Tam has worked at Vapiano in Osnabrück since 2007 and is now Shift Manager in the restaurant in Herrenteichstrasse. During our interview, he revealed that Vapiano’s Pasta Bolognese is his favourite dish, so it was a logical decision to use it as a base for his new culinary coup. “I wanted to see if I could create a delicious Asian alternative,” explains Pham-Tam, whose family originates from Vietnam. To make his Thai Bolognese, he first created a beef and pork sauce. Coconut milk, curry and tangy lemongrass lend the recipe its trademark Asian note. Pham-Tam’s mouth-watering fusion cuisine impressed us so much that it shot straight into our top seven.

Bolognese without tomatoes? A change from the norm.

The juicy, red tomatoes in our restaurants are some of Pham-Tam’s favourite ingredients, so omitting them from his dish proved challenging. As such an integral part of the original Bolognese sauce, Pham-Tam decided he couldn’t possibly leave them out completely. One thing that definitely wasn’t left out during the process was his friends. They were invited to sample the recipe again and again until Pham-Tam had perfected it ready for the Vapiano menu.

A truly international menu

As well as Pham-Tam’s Asian twist on pasta, there are a few more international dishes on our September & October Specials menu. Terri from the Netherlands has whipped up a typically English apple crumble. Craig has come up with an Australian Barbecue Pizza, and Jorge from Mexico created his spicy Pasta Messicana con Gamberetti for Vapiano.

Kim, Public Relations