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Take some time out at the office with our relaxation tips


#FridayFive: Five exotic fruits

In today’s #FridayFive we want to share our five favourite exotic fruits, which you should definitely make the most of this summer.


Kick off the World Cup with our Quiz: How much do you really know?

It’s hard not to get caught up in World Cup fever, right now, right? Want to test your football knowledge ahead of the tournament? Then try your hand at our tricky quiz!


Sunshine, palm trees and pasta: Our second Vapiano opens in Miami

We think this city in sunny Florida is the perfect place to enjoy our pasta, so we've just opened a second Vapiano in Miami!

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Summer + sun = iced tea time! How to make delicious iced tea at home

Summer is here! Come rain or shine, now’s the time to enjoy ice-cold drinks. Join Linh as she conjures up some delicious iced tea from our Vapiano tea varieties!


#FridayFive: Aubergine, done differently

You can use aubergine in a lot of different ways! In today’s #FridayFive we show you our favourite tips for making the most of this delicious vegetable.

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Edible petals: from the meadow to the kitchen

Have you tried edible petals before? Which petals can be enjoyed with which dishes? And when are the flowers in bloom? We explain everything you need to know, here.


Lights, Camera… Action! Vacay locations on the most iconic film and TV sets

Are your favorite movies and TV shows giving you wanderlust? Here are five stunning movie and TV set locations for your next vacation.


Something for everyone: The best cookbooks for vegans, movie fans and nerds

Inspired by World Book Day, we’ve put together 5 of our favourite cookbooks for you. Whether you’re cooking for kids, vegans or nerds, we’ve got something for you!


Lagom: Gain more balance in your life with this Swedish lifestyle trend

How to live and love your life according to the Swedish interior design and lifestyle trend of lagom.

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Kitchen hacks: 5 useful cleaning tips and tricks from grandma