Sweet and savoury – five all-new pizza toppings

Everyone loves pizza but the ubiquitous ham and salami can soon start to taste a bit, well, same-ish. We’ve come up with five brand new toppings set to reignite your passion for pizza! 

A fruity pizza? Yes please!


Pizza Hawaii is a firm favourite the world over. But why stop at pineapple? Combinations such as pear-gorgonzola or applet-walnut taste just as good on top. 


Added extras


Aside from the traditional tomato sugo, some pizza lovers swear by adding condiments. Whether BBQ sauce, salad dressing, hollandaise or your own secret recipe, the sky’s the limit! 


Food pairing


Pizza topped with another dish may leave you sceptical but some partnerships just work. Pasta, French fries or sashimi all taste delish as pizza toppings. And look out for a kebab pizza at your local fast-food joint. Can you think of any others?  


Creamy sauce


Most pizzas are traditionally spread with a hearty tomato sauce before the toppings are added. But why not try something new by substituting tomato with a creamy white sauce. Top with ham, fresh tomatoes and basil. Mmmmmh!  

Different dough


Pizza dough is usually made of flour, water, oil and salt. So surprise your guests by trying a different recipe that uses cauliflower, polenta or quinoa.


Have we missed a trick? Don’t fret. We’re looking for your most unique pizza toppings. Send them to us by 31 March 2017 and we’ll feature our favourite recipes on our autumn Specials menu.