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Six of the Creepiest and Cutest Halloween Outfits for you to Steal

Halloween is just days away! If you’re still struggling to put your costume together, here’s six of the creepiest, cutest and most creative costumes to inspire you.

Trick or Treat? Whether you want to scare your friends or just use the excuse to dress up with your significant other, friends, family or even your dog, we’ve got you covered! Check out the six Halloween outfits from Instagram that we would definitely steal!

Why so serious?

This look is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Introduce a little anarchy at your Halloween party by taking inspiration from this seriously impressive Joker make-up! Suit up in purple and green before going all out with green glitter, white face-paint and make-up. You can even complete the look with your own handmade playing card earrings!

Minumum Fuss, Maximum Likes

Go offline and take your Facebook page to the party with this no-fuss outfit. All you need is an old cardboard box. Cut a square-shaped hole for your head – aka ‘profile pic,’ paint the cardboard white and create some posts. One thing’s for sure – this outfit is guaranteed to rack up plenty of likes!

Double Trouble

One look, double the fun! If you and your significant other are up for being a little spooky this Halloween, this creepy skull look will have your friends seeing double. All you need to do is dress entirely in black and paint your faces with black and white face paint or make-up!

Good enough to eat

Get your squad together and take inspiration from our favourite thing – food. The only scary thing about this costume idea is how hungry you will be after hanging out with a doughnut, pizza slice, ice cream and a hot-dog for the whole night!

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Inspiration from over the rainbow

Looking for a cute outfit for your family? Just follow the yellow brick road and dress everyone up as the characters from the much-loved Wizard of Oz. Most of these outfits can be made entirely at home with some straw for the scarecrow, some aluminium foil for the tin man and some strips of fabric made into a mane, for the lion. You can even add Dorothy and Toto outfits depending on how big your family is.

Ghoulishly cute

Dress up your little one, and your dog, with the help of two white sheets, tie the sheets around their heads and you’ll have the cutest pair of ghosts you’ve ever seen!

Which costume idea will you steal?