Seven ideas for a long weekend

Long weekend on the cards? Not sure what to do with yourself? We’ve come up with some brilliant ideas to put the time off to good use.

Every year, Germans celebrate Reunification Day on 3 October and that means a day off! This year, it falls on a Tuesday so if you can wangle Monday off work, you can look forward to a four day weekend! But what to do with all that free time? We’ve come up with seven ideas to keep you from twiddling your thumbs.


Watch paint dry. No really.

A change is as good as a rest, or so the saying goes. Make the most of the long weekend by heading to your local hardware store, choosing some paint and breathing new life into your home.

Sort your snapshots

Are you one of those people with thousands of photos on your phone or tablet? It’s time to sort them out. Save the good pics to use for personalised gifts and prints. Create photo books for memorable occasions or blow up a favourite image to frame and hang.

Talking of gifts...

We’ve already spotted advent calendars in the shops. And although Christmas is months away, why not start planning and shopping for gifts now. That way you can put your feet up on Christmas Eve and enjoy a well deserved mulled wine.

Pick out a pumpkin

Before Christmas, it’s Halloween. Head to a local farm shop or market and pick out the biggest pumpkin you can find. The long weekend gives you ample time to not only carve a lantern but to whip up a batch of delicious pumpkin soup too!

Knit one, purl one

How about using the long weekend to learn how to knit? Online tutorials can show you how. Think of the chunky scarves, cosy socks and bright woolly hats you can wear throughout winter. All you need to start are some thick needles and wool. Ready, steady, knit!

Go out of fashion

Ein von @minimalewelt geteilter Beitrag am

Now the seasons are changing, it’s time to declutter your wardrobe. Ask your friends to do the same and then meet up to swap the clothes you no longer need.

Never bored of board games

If clothes swapping sounds too much like hard work, how about inviting your pals round for a games evening. Order take-out from Vapiano so you won’t have to cook and miss out on the fun. Monopoly anyone?

Whether you’re enjoying a long weekend or just a one day holiday enjoy your break. Send us some pictures of your own projects!