Rhubarb recipes: 5 fancy ideas for the summer vegetables

Now that rhubarb is finally in season, we want to enjoy this colourful vegetable at its freshest. These are our suggestions for things to make with rhubarb stalks and leaves, from May to June.


1. Homemade rhubarb syrup

The juicy rhubarb can be made into a refreshing and versatile syrup. This syrup tastes great in a simple “schorle” – with some sparkling water, but also in cocktails or even in home-made ice. The process for making the syrup is similar to making jam. First clean and cut your rhubarb into small chunks, then cook your rhubarb pieces with sugar, vanilla, lemon and water until you’re left with a soft compote. Then put the cooked rhubard mix into a sieve lined with a kitchen towel and let the juice drip through. Finally, squeeze all of the liquid out of the kitchen towel, and there you have it – the finest home-made rhubarb syrup!

2. Rhubarb Gin Fizz Cocktail

Let the rhubarb go to your head with this high impact summer cocktail. You'll need your favorite gin, some lemon juice, ice cubes and a sprig of thyme. First, put all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake well and pour into a stylish glass. To make the red gradient effect, pour in a sip of your home-made rhubarb syrup, which will then settle in the bottom, creating a ruby-red layering effect. Et voilà: rhubarb like you’ve never tasted before.

3. Rhubarb ice pops

Once you have your fresh homemade rhubarb syrup, you have everything you need for these summer popsicles. Use these to impress your guests, especially on hot days as not only are they completely delicious, they also look really artistic. For the popsicles, you’ll need an ice tray and lolly sticks both of which can be found in any well-stocked kitchen shop. Fill the ice tray with a cream and sour cream mixture, complemented perfectly by a touch of vanilla and lemon. Then there is the rhubarb syrup, either pour it in as a separate layer or mix it into the cream mixture to create a marbling effect. Get creative!

4. Baked rhubarb chips

Rhubarb chips make the perfect snack and are a nice twist on the popular potato version. To ensure that these light snacks don’t taste sour, put the thin slices of rhubarb into a boiled mixture of sugar and water for five to ten minutes, before baking. This way the rhubarb absorbs the sweetness and your chips will taste great. Then bake the light vegetable chips at 100 degrees in the oven for one to two hours until your chips achieve crisp perfection.

5. Rhubarb leaves as decoration

It’s not just the rhubarb stalks that can be used to add a decorative touch of colour to your kitchen. The huge rhubarb leaves can also bring exotic flair to your flower vase! If you find rhubarb at the weekly market or at the allotment, take it home, strip the leaves and display these in a large vase, add a few cherries or apple twigs and it’ll feel like Spring has finally arrived!

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