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Rebecca’s tops tips for a spring makeover at home

Spring has finally arrived and after the long winter months we’re excited about giving our homes a makeover. Rebecca from the blog “Verlockendes” reveals some of her favourite tips for giving your home a fresh new facelift.

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for chatting to us today. Your blog features some fab photos of your own home. What inspires your interior design ideas?


I constantly see things that inspire me. Naturally, I enjoy browsing social media like Pinterest and Instagram – and my favourite blogs of course! But seeing how friends and family do things also helps me create my own style. One quick tip: take a closer look at how shop windows are arranged. There are loads of great ideas that can look just as good in your own home.

Finally spring is upon us and it’s time to refresh our home’s interior design. Are there any key ingredients that guarantee a fresh spring feel?


Flowers and fresh colours are a must! Every spring, I have a good clear out so my home has more space to “breathe”. I’m a big fan of large glass vases and anything that looks light and airy.




Talking of flowers, what are your go-to blooms in spring?


Anything that’s in season. Colourful buttercups and tulips are my favourites. Arrange a few small glass vases on a tray and add a single stem or a couple of flowers to each one for a simple but effective feature.

And which colours complement the spring theme best?


Go for a selection of soft pastels, but stick to a maximum of two colours per room to prevent things looking too sugary or kitsch. My current favourite is a light coral hue.

Spring symbolises new life, energy and change. How can you revive your home’s interior with a few simple tricks?


Having a good tidy is the best way to start. Out with the old means there’s room for the new. You can take stock and create space for your new spring features. A thorough spring clean also works wonders and leaves you to enjoy a “less is more” feel.

And if you have more time to invest, how about painting a single wall or part of a wall in a new colour? Most major hardware stores can mix paint in any shade. Add a couple of matching cushion covers to highlight the new hue. That’s really all it takes!


Thanks for all the ideas, Rebecca. We can’t wait to try them out at home!

On Verlockendes Rebecca blogs all about the topics Lifestyle, Food and Interior. And from time to time, she tells stories out of her daily life with her son Ben.