Tricks & Tips

Party planning made easy

Party planning can be quite stressful, so don’t worry if you’re struggling to make a start on it. Just follow our helpful checklist to plan the best possible party – with minimal effort!

The Invitations

The party planning only really begins when you take a good hard look at your calendar and set that all-important date for your party. This can be a challenge, especially since you want to avoid a situation whereby half of your guests are on vacation or have already been invited to some other big event. To ensure that everyone makes the time to come to your party, we recommend sending out a "save the date" email or physical invitation early on. Once you know that your guests have blocked the date in their diaries, you can move on to planning the finer details.

The Theme

While party planning choose an appropriate, and fun, theme for your party. This can work wonders! Not only can it break the ice between guests who may not already know each other, it also gives you plenty to work with in terms of decoration. A good theme can also give your party somewhat of a legendary status, just think about all those original photos and lifelong memories to be made. If your party is carnival or Halloween themed, you can tell your guests that costumes are compulsory, but for all other occasions it’s probably better to give your guests a dresscode or playful wink in their invitations as not everyone is up for going all out with a costume and/or make-up.

The Drinks

You probably know your friends and their favourite drinks fairly well already, but it can often be difficult to work out how much to buy whilst taking into account the drivers in the group too. Here’s a pro tip, in the process of party planning find a shop that offers drinks on commission. This is a lifesaver as it will mean that you can return any crates of untouched beer or wine bottles. Also, you might want to find out if there is a delivery service, which takes your empty bottles away afterwards as this will save you mutliple trips to both the supermarket AND the recycling bank! And, if you suddenly run out of drinks, there is always the Vapiano TakeAway & Delivery Service, to help you out!

The Food

We recommend adding a buffet to your party planning list. A buffet has the added benefit of saving you piles of washing up, and means that you can get stuck into the party without having to stay in the kitchen cooking and loading the dishwasher all evening. Just make sure there is enough cutlery, crockery and napkins for everyone and an easily accessible bin. Also, if the buffet is completely devoured and guests are still hungry – order pizza, everyone will love you for suggesting it!


The dear neighbors

Don’t forget your dear neighbours when you’re party planning. Whether you want to invite them is really up to you, but you should at least let them know that you’re having a party in good time. If you live in an apartment block, a kind hand-written note pinned up in the hallway will do the trick and will help your neighbours to rest assured that they can come and tell you if you’re being too loud. It also means you can stay on good terms with your neighbours and avoid any stress. You should also try keep the volume down after 10pm.

The Decoration

Everyone knows that the party lives and dies by the quality of the decoration. Once the date is fixed and the buffet and bar are sorted, you can start thinking about the decoration. If you want to use candles, think about the flammable materials in your home such as curtains, table cloths etc. Put the candles in holders and place at a safe distance away from guests and all materials that can burn. Or use string lights, these are both pretty and practical and once set up, you won’t have to worry about anything catching fire and can and take care of the guests instead.

Finally, it is really a good idea to make sure that you have enough large and stable rubbish bags to hand and designate a specific smoking area in advance. This will make the morning after much more bearable!

All that’s left to do enjoy the rest of your party planning, throw the party of the century and make some memories!