Our seven favourite food faces

Slow day at work? We’ve found seven food faces sure to raise a smile. Take a look at what these eagle-eyed Instagrammers have spotted in their vegetables, bread and coffee.

1. One grumpy tomato

This giant tomato probably has the lowest calorie count our list. Did you know that there are only 18 kcal in 100 g of tomato? So why the grumpy face?! 

2. Say cheeeese!

What better way to start the day than with a smiling slice of cheese?! But if cheese doesn’t float your boat, check out our five good mood breakfast suggestions here.

3. Good night, Mr Pepper

Ein Beitrag geteilt von ↠ bellajane ↞ am

Although this particular pepper looks a little tired of life, we remain devoted fans. Whether added to a salad, stuffed or roasted on the BBQ, we can’t get enough of bell peppers!

4. You’re toasted

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With over 300 different types throughout the land, it’s pretty clear that Germans love bread. In fact, the average German consumes around 87 kg of bread every year. No wonder this slice of toast looks worried.

6. But first: coffee

Beverages are just as good at pulling faces too. This photo appears to have been taken on a Monday morning when even coffee needs caffeine to get going. Hand filtered, French pressed or cold brewed – how do you drink your morning cuppa?

5. An icy smile

Who can resist this ice cold, smiling glass of cola? If you’re one of those folk who can never decide what to drink in a restaurant take our fun test here!

7. Fright night

Is it Halloween already? This creepy root vegetable certainly wouldn’t look out of place next to a carved pumpkin. Have you ever found a scary looking vegetable in your own shopping basket?

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