Lamb’s Lettuce – The Winter Salad Star

Corn salad, machê, nut salad, field salat or rapunzel – lamb’s lettuce has a lot of names in the US! Today, we tell you all you need to know about this wonderful winter salad, which is currently in season.

We all know the humble lamb’s lettuce for its little bunches of round, green leaves. But, its appearance isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out from other types of lettuce, it also tastes nuttier than the other lettuces like Iceberg and Romaine. The most extraordinary feature of the lamb's lettuce, however, is the fact that it can be harvested in wintertime and it is one of the few varieties of leafy vegetables that are available fresh from the field during the winter months. This hardy salad can withstand temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees! There are also autumn varieties of lamb’s lettuce with delicate, light green leaves, which prefer milder temperatures. If the seeds are sown early enough, lamb's lettuce can be harvested as early as May.

How to store your lamb's lettuce properly


Since lamb's lettuce is very sensitive after harvesting and withers quickly, you should try to eat it quickly and not store it for too long. A little tip – if you put your lamb’s lettuce into a freezer bag and store in the vegetable compartment of your fridge you should be able to keep your salad fresh for another one to two days. You should only wash the salad immediately before eating it, as washing it too much will make it go soggy quickly.


How to prepare and enjoy your lamb’s lettuce 


Lamb's lettuce is normally harvested and sold with its roots intact so that it stays crisp. This means that it’s more work to clean, but it's worth it, we promise! Before washing the lamb’s lettuce, you should remove any withered or damaged leaves and clean the salad carefully in the sink. It's best to let some water in and then swing the lamb's lettuce in and out of the water briskly, making sure that it’s not left under the running water for too long! Then drain the salad and carefully shorten long roots without damaging the knob.

Whether as an appetizer or side dish - lamb's lettuce tastes delicious with so many other foods. With its distinctively nutty taste, you can use lamb’s lettuce to make a very good green pesto for your pasta. Lamb’s lettuce also tastes great with mushrooms and soft cheese like camembert or goat's cheese. If you’d like to enjoy your salad with some meat, then we recommend lamb. Fun fact, in Switzerland, lamb's lettuce is also known affectionately as "Nüsslisalat", because it pairs perfectly with with walnuts, hazelnuts or chestnuts. 
If you want to eat the lamb's lettuce with some salad dressing, you should add this just before serving, so that the leaves are left as fresh and crisp as possible.

So when will you be adding lamb’s lettuce to your shopping cart?