Ideas for celebrating St. Nicholas’ Day with your colleagues

Looking for some ideas to surprise your favorite colleagues with on St. Nicholas’ Day on the 6th December? Look no further, we’ve found some great ideas to get you started.


A light for St. Nicholas

Tealights – you just can’t have enough of them at this time of the year! And, if you're a fan of upcycling, this one’s for you. You don’t even need that much to get started – just a screw-top or mason jar of some kind, some old magazines and/or some nice wrapping paper or napkins. Using a collage technique, layer several layers of the magazine pages or napkins on top of each other, or cut out some specific shapes. Test some patterns out first by holding your coloured paper and different shapes against the light to work out the best ways of combining them. Once you’re happy with your collage design decorate your mini masterpieces with a pretty ribbon. Pop in a tealight, and you have a great little surprise from St. Nicholas.

The sweetest surprise

Would you like to sweeten your colleagues' days with something homemade? Flavoured sugar is great for this! Just grate the skin of some beautiful organic oranges and add this to brown or white sugar, you can even add fresh vanilla from a pod or a dash of vanilla essence. Scoop this gorgeously sweet mixture into small screw or mason jars and decorate with a bow and a handwritten label, you could even add some pun-tastic or playful names for your sweet treats! There you have it, the perfect St. Nicholas’ Day treat which can also be used in the next round of winter drinks...

Keep calm and drink tea

Is it stressful in your office sometimes? What better way to relax than with a fragrant cup of hot tea! With so many different varieties of tea you’re sure to find the perfect match for your colleagues, from those who love pungent and aromatic spices, to those who prefer the subtler, sophisticated tastes of green or black teas. You should find everything you need in our new tea range, and if you come across one that you like whilst dining with us, just ask for one (or more) of our new 50 gram packs to take away with you. Wrap these up for your colleagues for a relaxing St. Nicholas’ Day treat.

Design your own

You’ve probably see the instant photo printers in major drugstores and department stores near you, they’re great because you can print photos direct from your mobile phone! Did you know that these machines can can also print small sticker sets? You can use these to personalize some of your favourite products! Why not add a funny photo with a made-up name to some of your favourite shampoo and make your colleagues smile? Not only is designing your own products great fun, it also guarantees that your St. Nicholas gifts are unique! Simply create your own design, upload the photo, print out the stickers, pay for the designated product and your stickers and get creative!

St. Nicholas’ Lollipops!

Do you remember our ice cube hacks from the summer? These molds can, of course, be used to make chocolates or chocolate pops too! There’s also a lot more choice than trays that make cube shapes – so why not make little chocolate stars instead, decorate and give away as little St. Nicholas treats in cute little cellophane hats? There really is no limit to your creativity!

Something to hang

Do you have some cute cookie cutters to hand and feel like getting creative with them? Get your hands on some air-drying modeling clay from a craft shop. Roll the clay out to about about 0.5 cm in thickness, just like a cookie dough and let your imagination go wild. Cut out shapes, make little holes in them with a straw and leave to dry. Once dry, the real fun begins with the decoration! If you like simple, minimalistic designs simply coat the dried clay shapes with a layer of clear glaze. But, why not use your favourite colours to make these small pendants pop! Or, make them shine with some gold foil! Hook some ribbon through the hole, and there you have it a beautiful handmade gift for surprising your colleages on St. Nicholas’ Day!

Do you have any more ideas for St. Nicholas’ Day? Get creative, try new things and make your colleagues happy – it’s a great excuse to try out some new crafting ideas and have fun!

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