Hybrid foods – the best of both worlds

Years ago, hoards of curious New Yorkers queued outside Soho’s bakeries to sample “cronuts” for the first time. It marked the beginning of a new food trend where two foods are fused to make something completely different. Here are five of our favourite hybrids.

The hybrid food trend was born in the US when Dominique Ansel’s New York bakery set the ball rolling by inventing the cronut. Australia soon followed with the sushi donut, and then the French got in on the act too. Today we look at five favourite hybrids you should definitely try.

Sweet meets sweet: the cronut

This is where it all began. The cronut is half croissant and half donut. It was invented a few years ago by Dominique Ansel, a French man who moved to the US to run a bakery in New York. Nobody could have imagined the subsequent hype around a croissant pastry in the shape of a donut. Ansel inspired bakers and chefs around the world to be more creative in the kitchen and experiment with new combinations – no matter how mad they initially sound.

From down under: sushi donuts 

Sushi fans will love Australia’s spin on the hybrid food trend. A blogger created a sushi donut by forming a ring of rice and adding traditional sushi ingredients like fish, sesame, avocado and ginger. But how do you eat it? There are no set rules but we recommend cutting the ring into pieces so you can savour every mouthful.

Fantasy food: the unicorn rice burger
This creative cuisine is also the brainchild of an Australian blogger. The unicorn rice burger is a stacked burger consisting of avocado, tofu and rainbow coloured rice. “Sometime things get a little crazy in my kitchen,” says the blogger about her bright burger. We have to agree, but the result is incredibly tasty!

Hybrid food à la francaise

Familiar with French cuisine? Then you’ll know exactly what to expect when you order a bruffin. Traditional brioche has been crossed with an American muffin. Prefer savoury snacks? No problem. A hearty filling of parmesan, pesto and salami makes a mouth-watering meal out of this hybrid creation.

Another croissant cross: the cragel
When it comes to shape, the cragel is similar to the cronut. But a delicious blend of croissant and bagel is perfect for topping with your favourite ingredients. Whether salad and salami or cream cheese and cucumber, cragels are the ultimate upgrade when it comes to your lunchtime snack.

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Who’d have thought these combos would work? Surprise guests by baking your very own hybrids at home. Buon appetito!

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