How to make colorful Fall home decor with spray paint

Fall is here which means that you have the perfect excuse to decorate your home again, this time in a Fall kind of way. Your multi-purpose weapon is spray paint, let us inspire you!

Glass + spray paint = lanterns

Small tealights that flicker gently in the wind create a gorgeous autumnal atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. And the best thing is that you can make your own very easily using spray paint and small glass jars. The first step is to clean your glass jars thoroughly. Then fix some rubber bands or a template onto your jar, and then cover the glass with white or special frosted glass spray paint and let it dry for about 15 minutes. Now all you have to do is remove the rubber bands or stencil. Et voila, your lantern is ready!

Metallic Pumpkins

This nifty DIY trick will bring some real Fall magic into your apartment. Find some pretty ornamental squashes and simply apply two layers of spray paint in either gold, silver or copper. Wait until it’s dry -  then your little pumpkins will truly shine. If you like, you could also scratch some paint off with a rough sponge or even draw patterns or scary faces on your pumpkins with a black marker and get ready for Halloween. Pro tip: Pine cones or large branches also look very pretty with a shiny layer of spray paint.

Cute pots made of tin cans

This upcycling project is also child's play, and you only need some old tin cans. After cleaning these thoroughly, it’s time to spray paint them using different colors. Autumnal tones are great, like orange, red and yellow. Then, once everything is dry, you can add your decorated branches, candles, herbs, succulents or pens!

Glittering acorns

Somewhat fiddly, but definitely worthwhile, are these eye-catching acorns. First, carefully remove your acorns’ small caps and set them aside - you'll need them later. Then, apply a strong layer of transparent spray paint to your acorns from 20cm away. Then roll the acorns in glitter and then fix the glitter with another layer of transparent paint. When everything has dried, re-glue the small caps on to your acorns with hot glue. Then you can have fun arranging your acorns in an autumnal way, in between your metallic pumpkins or in a bowl with your tealights.

Garland of Fall leaves

Bring Fall into your home with a colorful garland made out of foliage. Simply preserve the leaves by coating them in a clear spray paint, this way they’ll keep their beautiful color and you can enjoy them for longer. Then simply thread the leaves on a thin string and hang them in the window - or across doorways.