#FridayFive: Urban Gardening books for every gardener

After introducing you to urban gardening with our specials, are you ready to lend a hand? We’ve found the best Urban Gardening books, to give you a head start.

"Rodale's successful organic gardening: herbs" by Patricia S. Michalak


If you have a passion for gardening and want to to flavor your food with homegrown herbs, you should get your hands on this gardening book. This hands-on guide shows how anyone can successfully grow a wide range of more than 90 herbs in the back yard. – Features a full-color encyclopedia section. 300 color photographs; 50 illustrations.

"The edible balcony: Growing fresh produce in small spaces" by Alex Mitchell and Sarah Cuttle


This urban gardening book by longtime urban gardener Alex Mitchell shows you how you can transform whatever space you have into a profusion of fresh, seasonal produce. With the book's help you can grow eco-friendly, sustainable, colorful, edible plants all year long.


"Gardening for beginners” by Usborne


Are you a beginner? Would you like to start a project and just don't know where to begin? This book can help you wit instructions and step-by-step illustrations what you need to do in every growth stage. Small places, inside or outdoor, you will find all tips and tricks in this book. 

"Vertical vegetable gardening" by Chris McLaughlin


Would you love to grow your own vegetables but worried about your lack of space? Not a problem, because in this urban gardening book you will learn how to build your own green wall. Many useful tips! Grow up instead of out ;-)


"Guerrilla Gardening: A Botanical Manifesto" by Richard Reynolds


Art made of green moss on the sides of houses, instead of barren, abandoned land. Seedbombs instead of residual waste. Behind this subtle but powerful political manifesto lies a revolutionary form of urban gardening. It first appeared in major cities in the 1970s as a means for drawing attention to the deterioration of the urban environment. Richard Reynolds gives a comprehensive overview of this movement in his urban gardening book, and describes how you can take some small but revolutionary steps to bring more green into your city.

By the way, for all those who don’t know what urban gardening is all about, we have summarized everything in our 101.