#FridayFive – five Mother’s Day surprises

Flowers. The classic Mother’s Day choice. But if you’re looking for something a little more creative, check out our #FridayFive. We’ve come up with five simple ideas bound to make a lasting impression.



1.    Bake her a cake

Everyone remembers a favourite dish or cake that mum used to make. Her own trademark recipe no one could match. Why not return the favour by choosing by baking her a homemade cake? Then invite her round for afternoon tea! Or if she prefers something savoury, plan a brunch and bake the bread freshly.



2. Explain how things work

When you were knee high to a grasshopper, she would spend all her time explaining how things worked. But times have changed. Offer her a Mother’s Day tutorial and show her how to upload and retouch photos for a photo book. Or search for a language app in anticipation of her next holiday abroad. Download it together so she can practice.

3. Take her somewhere new

Do some research and take her somewhere she new. An exhibition, a market or a concert – tickets, taxi service and refreshments all included. If the weather’s fine, pop to Vapiano, order your favourite dishes or   head for a picnic in the park. Make all the arrangements so your mum can relax and enjoy herself.

4. Send her digital greetings

Live too far away to meet up on Mother’s Day? Why not surprise her by making your own mini movie! Browse old photos or find music you both used to listen to together. You can chat away to her while your phone records it.


5. Make her a plate

Personalised gifts with names or sayings are bang on trend. And what could be more personal than a piece of artwork just for mum? Craft shops stock special pens for painting plates or other pottery, so buy a plain white plate or mug and get creative! Remember to try out your design on a piece of paper or an empty bottle first.

And if your mum is a fan of Vapiano, how about something from our merchandise collection she can keep at home?

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