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Four creative ideas for alternative Christmas trees

Looking for something other than a traditional fir tree this year. Here are four hot tips for beautiful alternative Christmas trees.

For many of us, Christmas trees are a big part of the celebrations. This is probably because it’s such an old tradition. Did you know that evergreen trees have been brought into the home and decorated since the Middle Ages? There are even records from the 16th century that describe specific instances of some very ornate Christmas trees for example, there was a particularly beautiful one on display in Strasbourg’s Cathedral. In the 18th century, lavishly decorated Christmas trees became a festive trend in people’s houses. And today, thanks to upcycling and DIY, there are a number of new ways to bring this beloved ritual into your home!


Pallets of joy

These stripped wooden transportation aids are bang on trend right now. For this idea, all you need is one pallet, some nails and some paint. We recommend looking online to find disposable pallets as these are usually smaller and lighter than the massive Euro pallets, and cheap. Keep your eyes out for a clean and dry pallet as these are the easiest to decorate. We think that the Christmas tree design looks best if the whole pallet is painted white first and the Christmas tree shape is done in a different colour. But, if you like the rough-and-ready industrial look, you can always paint the tree shape directly onto the unpainted wood. The final step is then to knock as many nails as you want to into the wood, before hanging all of your lovely Christmas decorations up. If you have small children or pets around, then make sure to fix the alternative pallet Christmas tree on the wall at an angle so that they can’t knock it or hurt themselves.


The tree for minimalists

Do you have limited space, time and patience for cleaning up all those needles left by a traditional fir tree? We’ve found the perfect alternative Christmas tree for you – simply tape one to the wall!
And all you need is some washi tape! This stuff originally comes from Japan but is now widely available in Europe too, it’s easy to remove and comes in some crazy colours and patterns – be it monochrome, geometric, playful or colourful, the choice is yours! So what are you waiting for? Just pick a spare wall and go for it, add a string of lights or garland and that’s it – minimalist tree perfection!


Step up your Christmas decorations

Looking for an opulent, three-dimensional alternative Christmas tree idea instead? No problem – you don’t even need the fir tree, just find a high step-ladder, some fishing line, thin thread or ribbon, and a string of fairy lights. Position the ladder so that it doesn’t wobble and then pull the fishing line or thread evenly between the rungs from top to bottom. You could also use ribbons in Christmassy colours instead, to make the alternative tree look even bolder. Then attach your Christmas tree decorations and round it all off with the fairy lights.


Lost and found

Do you like spending time outside in the park, the forest, or at the beach? Then keep your eyes open for branches and twigs, driftwood or lumber, take them home, cut them with a small handsaw if they’re too big, and then arrange them into a Christmas tree shape. Then thread some string around each individual piece to form loose loops, these can then be adjusted once you’ve hung it up. When it comes to decorating this one, there really are no limits ! And if someone asks about your tree, just tell them that creating art out of objects that you have found is already a recognized art form just look at Picasso's - 'objet trouvè!’

Are you longing for that Christmassy fir tree smell? Just because you don’t want to have a real fir tree in your house doesn’t mean you can’t have that lovely fragrance. Instead, just find some select fir branches and put them in a vase. Or, seek out some scented candles infused with natural essential oils, or make some cute little home-made tea lights out of clove filled tangerines and oranges for a lovely, fruity Christmas scent!