Five of our favourite food themed books!

Autumn is the best time for reading! But if you’ve not found your next favourite book yet, we have five that we think you’ll love – from superhuman abilities to thrilling crimes, you’re sure to find something!


Many of you will have seen the movie – "Chocolat" starring Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche, right? Few people know, however, that there is a book of the same name by Joanne Harris and that it has favourite book potential! The novel, like the film, is about a woman called Vianne, who, along with her young daughter, makes a new start in a small French village by opening a small confectionery shop. In doing so, Vianne captures the hearts of (almost) all of the villagers with her heavenly chocolates. Pro tip: make sure you have a box of chocolates to hand before you start reading...


In Werner Köhler’s "Cookies" it’s not so much about the food itself, but much more about the preparation and cooking of the ingredients. Protagonist Gerd realises that he can impress women with his cooking and so dedicates himself to his new hobby. He even manages to go from being an amateur cook to owning his own highly rated restaurant. Solely for its heart (and stomach) warming message this is another book which has a potential to be a favourite!

Eat, Pray, Love

This book is another favourite of ours because it’s food for the soul. Elizabeth Gilbert’s  "Eat, Pray, Love" is not only about self-love and self-discovery, but also about damn good food! After protagonist Liz falls into a deep rut after the breakdown of her marriage, she sets out on an exhilarating journey. Her first stop is Italy ... and, of course, she immediately falls in love with Mediterranean cuisine. It’s worth a read just for that, right?!

Devil's Fruit - a culinary thriller

For those who like reading crime stories that feature descriptions of delicious food, Tom Hillenbrand's "Devil's Fruit" is a hot contender for your new favourite book! This culinary thriller is about former celebrity chef Xavier Kieffer, who runs a small restaurant in Luxembourg. The book, follows his fall from grace and involvement in the criminal underworld, during which time he decides to take fate into his own hands. In the meantime, there are five crime detectives, hot on his trail, following him around Luxembourg. Once you’ve got stuck into this book, there’s no going back…

The particular sadness of lemon cake

Imagine this – you bite into a pizza at Vapiano and along with tasting all of the wonderful ingredients you’re hit with all of the emotions that the Vapianisti had been feeling whilst preparing it. This is exactly what happens when Rose bites into a piece of birthday cake in another of our favourite books – "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake." Rose is swept up in a world in which she can taste the emotions behind everything she eats and this, understandably, turns her life upside down.

It’s time to get stuck in, we hope you enjoy the search for your new favorite book!

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