Five fun fancy dress costumes for foodies

This year, 23 February marks the start of the carnival season in the Rhineland area. Need a costume? Why not swap your clown outfit for something more unusual, like a pizza? We’ve compiled five fun fancy dress ideas foodies everywhere will love!

If you’re still humming and hawing over what to wear to this year’s carnival party, read on. We’ve compiled our favourite five foodie inspired costumes guaranteed to leave you looking, well, good enough to eat! 


1. Going Japanese 

Sushi fans will love this one. Transform yourself into a piece of Salmon Nigiri by tying a salmon-coloured cushion over a white T-shirt. Brandish a pair of chopsticks to add the finishing touches!

2. In vino veritas

Get fruity at the party by rocking up dressed as a bunch of grapes. All you need are purple or green balloons and some green card to cut out a few leaves. Good luck on public transport!

3. In pizza we trust

The only thing we love more than comedy costumes is pizza. To recreate this look, cut out two giant cardboard triangles and decorate them with salami, mushrooms and all your favourite pizza toppings. Two long should straps keep the pizza slice in place. 

4. Pop ‘til you drop

This retro popcorn girl costume is another firm favourite. A red and white striped skirt recalls the trademark paper bag. Then scrunch up pieces of paper and paint them yellow to make the popcorn pieces. Glue the popcorn to a plain white T-shirt and you’re done! 

5. Sweet treats

Dessert is part of every good menu, even when it comes to fancy dress. And who wouldn’t want to skip through the carnival season as an ice cream sundae or cotton candy? Team a tulle skirt with a fitted top and a homemade card hat for a super sweet party look! 

Which one is your favourite?!