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Crafting with leaves: tips for decorating your home in Autumnal style

Autumn is here! Every year, around this time, the leaves on the trees start to change colour and fall to the ground. We particularly love the gorgeous shiny leaves that fall from the maple trees. This year, instead of disposing of these beautiful leaves, why not try crafting with them instead? Here are some tips to get you started.

Falling leaves

This is an idea for the minimalists amongst you, especially if you were worried that crafting with leaves is complicated or sticky. All you need for this stunning falling leaves design is some fine, white sewing thread, some transparent adhesive tape and some colourful leaves. First, go to the park and collect a mixture of large and small leaves in a variety of different colors. Attach each individual leaf to a piece of thread and stick the other end to the ceiling, bear in mind though, that each piece of thread should be a different length to imitate falling. As you can see, this decoration idea has a particularly beautiful effect in simpler, more minimally decorated rooms.

Leaf Calligraphy

Are you planning a meal with some friends? Want to surprise them with special autumnal table decorations? Look no furher than this simple yet effective design which replaces place cards with autumnal leaves. Need some tips on how to write on the leaves with impact? Just head over to our article about calligraphy! Before you start though, we recommend collecting more leaves than you have guests, so that you can practice – writing on an unusual surface is definitely harder than it looks. Your guests will be blown away by your personal and creative touch!

Leave a lasting impression

Autumn leaves inspire us, not just with their colours but also with their unique shapes. So why not make some imprints of your favourite leaves using air-drying clay or plaster? Leave the clay or plaster to dry and then paint with matte or glossy white paint. And there you have it – a set of one-of-a-kind homemade decorative bowls, perfect for storing your jewellery, trinkets or front door keys.

Stay in touch

If you’d rather not get your hands covered in paint, clay, sticky tape or permanent marker but still want to enjoy the shapes and colors of nature, we have a very simple tip – display your favourite leaves in a double-glass frame! Simply place a number of leaves in a variety of colours and in an attractive design between the two plates of glass and then find a special place for your little masterpiece in your home. We recommend arranging these simple, yet effective leaf designs in or near your windows as the leaves will be lit from behind, creating a magical effect on your room.

Put your coat and hat on and go on an autumnal walk, you won’t have to go far to find beautiful leaves to craft with. Happy crafting!