Bring in the Spring with homegrown cress and sprouts!

Got a green thumb and looking for some easy plants to grow whilst it’s still cold outside? Look no further than cress and other sprouts, the future stars of your windowsill!

Sprouts, seedlings and microgreens such as cress, can be picked up at most markets and supermarkets. We love their crunchy texture and subtle and fresh flavour as they make the perfect addition to salads, soups and sandwiches.

Cress and other sprouts can also be grown really easily in your kitchen, either in a mason jar or in a window box. And, best of all – they can grow without soil and in a matter of days!

How to make a sprouting jar


All you need to make a sprouting jar are some sprout seeds, a needle and a mason jar. We recommend starting off with garden cress seeds, but you can also try other sprouts such as – alfalfa, red clover, sunflower and even chia seeds. Start by punching holes in the mason jar’s lid with the needle, fill the jar with enough water to cover the seeds plus an inch or so more, and then leave the seeds to sit, out of direct sunlight, overnight. The next day, drain the water out and leave the jar on its side.


All that’s left to do is wait until the sprouts grow big enough, then take them out of the jar, put them in a plastic bag and pop them in the fridge. You could add your cress to cream cheese, sandwiches or fresh salads, the little cress leaves add a nice peppery note of flavour! Your sprouts should stay fresh for a week.


Which sprouts are you going to grow?

Which sprouts are you going to grow?