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Blogger Victoria shows us how to wrap gifts sustainably

Christmas is a time for giving, and lovingly wrapped presents play a huge role. Most of the wrapping paper lands straight in the bin but there are some great alternatives to help cut down on waste. And they’re more practical than you think.

Whether a large toy for the kids or a small treat for your partner every gift deserves to be lovingly wrapped this Christmas. And I’ve got some great ideas to help reduce waste and to jazz things up under the tree this year.

Stars under the tree – tea towels & cushion covers

Tea towels and cushion covers with festive patterns not only look great under the tree, they make great gifts that can be used long after Christmas Day. Lightweight scarves are another eco-friendly way of wrapping gifts. Use real ribbons to tie them up as these can be saved and used again and again.

Easy wrapping tips

An easy way of wrapping an odd-shape gift in a tea towel is to place it in the centre, then gather up the corners and tie them together with a pretty ribbon.
Square or rectangular gifts can be easily wrapped in either tea towels or cushion cases. Bulkier gifts can be made into a giant cracker by tying both ends up with a ribbon.

The finer details

Add the finishing touches to your gifts with a pretty Christmas decoration that can be transferred straight to the tree. Or use card gift tags, a ribbon and a small wooden bead to make personalised bookmarks.

As well as their gift, your loved ones will have something special to remind them of you all year round.


Happy gift wrapping!


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