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A special taster menu for our bloggers

To celebrate our “Best of 15 Years” Specials we invited some of our favourite lifestyle bloggers to sample everything on the menu.

A beautifully decorated table in Dusseldorf’s Vapiano in the Kö-Galerie.  Party hats, golden balloons and oodles of confetti. This was the scene that awaited nine local lifestyle bloggers when we invited them to put our latest Specials menu to the test.


On arrival, the bloggers were treated to a refreshing Hugo cocktail or mocktail. Glasses were chinked and new friendships established in keen anticipation of the evening ahead.  After the official welcome with lots of photos and Instagram story takes, our guests took their seats ready for the first course. Bowls of potato soup were warmly received and the same comment was heard on more than more occasion. “I always seem to order the same dish at Vapiano. It’s so nice to be able to try something new!”  

A salad to start the evening

Next, two small portions of our Special salads were served. The first was an Insalata Di Pollo with tender chicken breast on a warm base of potatoes, sugar snaps, spring onions, mango, bell peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes and lettuce, drizzled with a curry dressing and topped with  Grana Padano D.O.P. However, it was the second our bloggers liked best. Our Insalata Levante features baby spinach, Swiss chard, aromatic wild herbs, dried dates, chickpeas, fresh tomatoes, tomato dressing and creamy hummus dip.


Over the starter, our bloggers introduced themselves and ask to reveal which was the first Vapiano restaurant they ever visited. The answers varied hugely, from “the one in my home town” to “I’ve eaten at Vapiano in the US”! Other comments included “My partner wasn’t mad about Vapiano initially but they love it now” and “Vapiano was always the highlight of our shopping sessions!”


The next dish presented to our guests was a creamy Risotto Al Limone with tangy lemon, crunchy mangetout, white wine and fresh thyme. 


To celebrate Vapiano’s 15th anniversary, we were then treated to some fun narratives about the brand’s history. There were lots of questions and even more laughter at some of the responses! All accompanied by a flurry of camera flashes, Instagram stories and phone pics.


Pasta was next on the menu. Our Pasta Gamberetti Piccante comes with succulent prawns, courgettes, onions and green pepperoni in a creamy pesto sauce with semi-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Pasta Estiva is topped with chicken breast and seasoned with semi-dried tomatoes, ginger, cherry tomatoes, rocket and mint.


As the feast continued, the bloggers were told about the Vapiano recipe challenge. As part of our anniversary celebrations, we’ve asked guests to submit their favourite recipes by 31 March with the very best set to star on our September/October Specials menu. On hearing about the competition, some of the bloggers immediately began creating and presenting their own suggestions!

A delicious dessert and goodie bags to wrap things up

The final dish on the menu was dessert but a few of our guests decided they needed either an Espresso or a Ramazzotti before contemplating more food!


However, after a short interlude the bloggers were revived and were ready to savour dessert. Those with a weakness for spicy flavours opted for our Mousse Al Cioccolato Con Chili, a creamy chocolate mousse with chilli and a shot of rum, while the others enjoyed Death By Chocolate Cheesecake, Crema di Fragola or a Vapiano Ice Cream.  Cries of “why have I never tried this before?!” echoed around the table.


As the guests finished their wine, the evening drew to a close and the Vapiano goodie bags were handed out. As well as a restaurant voucher for their next visit, our bloggers were treated to their own chef’s apron and an AVON beauty kit to create the perfect birthday look. The kit contained a creamy SPF15 Avon Plump-It lipstick with retinol, collagen and caffeine for fuller, smoother lips, plus Avon’s BIG & FALSE LASH Volume Mascara with its patented 1000 fibre formula for glamorous, thick lashes. The almond-shaped brush follows the curve of your eye to add volume right from the root of your lash line.


A huge thank you to all our bloggers for joining us. Search for #vapianobloggerkochen on Instagram to see the evening’s photos.