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A quick guide to decorating holiday cookies

The best part of preparing for the holidays is decorating homemade cookies so they look as good as they taste. Here are five clever ideas to keep it on point.

Regal royal icing

As the name suggests, royal icing is a very special way to decorate biscuits. The icing is prepared using egg whites and icing sugar. It’s a little tricky but the results are well worth it.  

Start by adding a pinch of salt to the egg whites and then beating on high speed for 15 seconds. Once the egg whites turn frothy, gradually add the icing sugar while continuing to beat at medium speed. Depending on whether you’re using a food processor or a hand mixer, the whole process should take from 15-30 minutes. Choose a food dye to add at the end, fill a piping bag and get creative.

Minimalist chic

Ready-made icing is easy to find these days, but if you prefer to make it at home all you need is icing sugar and water. Mix together until you hit the right consistency. Our tip: leave the icing bright white for a smart, minimalistic look.

The bright side

Did you know you can decorate biscuits before you bake them? Arrange your dough shapes on a baking paper covered tray, brush lightly with milk or egg yolk before adding sugar strands or sprinkles.

Stamp out stress

In a rush to get everything done? A cookie stamp is your new BFF. It’s the easiest way to give biscuits a decorative finish without any additional ingredients. Simply press the stamp into the soft dough before baking. And if you haven’t got a stamp, use the base of a pretty glass.

Festive fondant

Red and white fondant icing is perfect for crafting mini Santa faces. Use a moon-shaped cookie cutter for the beard and a semi-circle for the hat. Don’t forget to leave one out on Christmas Eve for the Big Man himself!

What are your favourite Christmas biscuits?

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