Almond recipes – five sweet treats to make at home

As part of our #FridayFive series and in honour of National Almond Day we’ve compiled our five favourite almond-based recipes. Because when it comes to sweet treats, this popular nut is a star ingredient.

Almond horns

Almond horns are one of the most popular almond-based recipes out there. Making them is a sticky affair, but it’s fun and you can sneak a taste of the ingredients as you go. All you need is marzipan paste, icing sugar and egg whites. Mix everything together, roll out the dough and form shapes. Cover in sliced almonds and then bake. Once the horns have cooled down, dip both ends in melted chocolate. Mmmh!


What do most almond-based recipes require? Marzipan. Posh pralines are the only things that need the top notch stuff – anything else you can make yourself. Boil the almonds for a couple of minutes and remove the skin with your fingers. Use a food processer to grind them up, then add icing sugar, a drop or two of rose water and start kneading. Hardcore marzipan fans can tuck straight in, but if you’re planning on serving your marzipan to friends you can create sweets by forming small balls and rolling them in unsweetened cocoa powder.

Almond milk

Almond milk is a popular alternative to traditional cow’s milk. And there’s no need to head to the supermarket if you prefer a plant-based option to dairy. Justine kept calm and went vegan is on hand to show just how easy it is to make your own almond milk at home. Check out the recipe here.

Swedish almond cake

For many of us, the highlight of visiting a popular Swedish is often a hot dog or a piece of “mandeltårta”. And now you can enjoy this delicious Scandi treat in the comfort of your own home. Beat egg whites, add almonds and bake two bases of the same size. You can make the butter cream while they’re baking. Heat some cream, add egg yolk and leave the mixture to cool. Then fold in cold butter, spread the cream over both bases, scatter with sliced almonds and assemble your cake. Pop the kettle on and savour a slice without a giant blue and yellow bag in sight!

Roasted almonds

Nothing evokes childhood memories quite like the smell of sweet roasted almonds at the fair so recreate that feeling of excitement by making your own. Add sugar, water and cinnamon to a pan and bring to the boil. Toss in whole almonds and keep stirring until the sugar starts to bubble. Then add some more sugar. Once it’s lightly melted, the nuts are ready. Spread the sticky almonds on a sheet of baking paper and allow to cool before you dig in.

Which almond recipe is your favourite?