Open air cinema – a breath of fresh air

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All about salt

Did you know that Roman soldiers were paid in salt? Our quickfire guide is packed with interesting facts about everyone’s favourite white grains.

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A night of shooting stars – everything you need to know

Get ready for some serious meteor watching this weekend. We’ve put together some tips for an unforgettable night under the stars.

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5 kitchen hacks for your ice cube tray

Your ice cube trays can make so much more than humble ice cubes. Ever considered making sushi or ravioli with them? Check out our five kitchen hacks for more fun ideas.


#FridayFive – five of our favourite swimming lakes

There are oodles of brilliant lakes for swimming in Germany, but where’s best? We’ve compiled a list of five secret spots for you to escape to this summer.

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What is sorbet and what is parfait: definitions and differences

What is sorbet? What is parfait? And aren’t they both ice cream? Keep a cool head: we’ll explain the difference and the definitions.


Cool summer dishes – refreshment on hot days

What summer dishes will refresh us when it’s really hot outside? We’ll tell you what our bodies likes best in the heat.

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Make and prepare your own ‘Thai Style’ zoodles – here’s how!

Make and prepare your own tasty zoodles – we explain how to make zucchini noodles and reveal Vapiano’s ‘Thai Style’ recipe.

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The Popsicle – a fruity treat fresh from the freezer

The beloved popsicle can be made easily at home and in many flavours. We also have some ideas for ‘Poptails’ for your next party.

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Vegan Dips & Tips

Looking for a tasty vegan dip for your next barbecue? We’ve got some great suggestions and a couple of helpful tips for you.


Hybrid foods – the best of both worlds